About route

You won't find Hobitín on Czech maps by name. It's located in middle on magic line between the Castle of Svinaře and JZD Liteň. To get the real romantic feeling we recommend to take public transport, for more confortable trip, choose car. Parking lot is not guarded, yet it's for free. The way from bus and train stops to the festival area is marked.

Closest stops:

Skuhrov, Hodyně (bus; 1400 m following the road)
Svinaře (bus; 1700 m following country road and road)
Liteň (Train, 2 km followig the road)

About tickets

You can get tickets either on place or for cheeper in pre-sale. The best is to get 5-ticket with your friends for the cheepest price. If you wish to shop in pre-sale please contact us on . After ordering you will recieve two emails - one with instructions about the payment and second one with unique code which you will show by entrance.

We don't want to rip your skin off, Zelífest is non profit festival and all we want is to cover the costs. We love music and enjoy the organizing. We didn't increase the price for years.

1 day2 days
Pre-Sale200 CZK250 CZK
On the spot250 CZK300 CZK
1.5. - - 4.6.
5 tickets for two days900 CZK1000 CZK

Kids, seniors and handicapped are for free. Parking and camping is, of course, free of charge.

About area


Two kinds of beer and one soft drink on the tap. Plenty of shots, delicious home-made lemonade and wine.

Burgers (also vegetarian), grilled sausages, sweet & salt cakes, soups, pickled brie, couscous with vegetables. Made with love (hateful food on demand).


In your own tents or under the stars. We have tent vilage equiped with drinking water and fire places.


People with handicapp has free entrance. Terain is not straight everywhere, but its manageble without bigger problems. There is wheelchair accessible mobile toilet.


Your animals are welcome on Zelífest. Just please, tidy up after them.

Bath time

There is luxury pond about 1kilometer from the area. The way to it will be marked.