Unconfortable questions and even more unconfortable answers.

What's going on?

Zelifest is a music festival. Small, independent, and wild. A bunch of creative enthusiasts creates a point in spacetime where you wont be critized for who you are. Just a party.

Why should I go there when I dont know any of the bands playing?

Exactly because you don't, duh...

So who plays there, anyway?

Around forty bands, singers, DJs and performers.

Will it be sunny?

It's always sunny at Zelífest.

Why the stupid name?

Because of pubescent nickname of one of the organizers. He still regrets it.

How is it spelled? (not so FAQ)

Together, with capital Z and lower case f. Zelífest.

What does the logo mean?

It's a front sight shaped to peace sign.

Whats the attendees to performers ratio?

Circa 1:1 with a slight advantage to the first mentioned.

What is prohibited at Zelífest?

Only one thing. Acting like an asshole (doesn't apply to Hateful zone). And also driving into the festival area with a car. The drive way gets super muddy. 

How can I help?

Great question, thanks for that. We appriciate you asking. It helps a lot when you talk nicely about Zelifest to your friends and parents. There are crafty hands and clever heads needed on site, every helper is appreciated. If you want to join, send us an e-mail or FB message.

Can my band play there?

We'll see about that, contact us a few months in advance by e-mail or facebook.

Is this the first year?

Not at all, it's the 10th. There will be a funfair. 

Why is it so cheap?

Because we don't want to take more than we need.

Why is it so expensive?

Because we don't want any sponsors.

And why don't you want any sponsors?

Initially, we had no other choice. Nowadays it's just a pose.

I really want to go, but I am absolutely pennyless. What shall I do?

Sell yourself into slavery! Contact us and pick up a shift of six hours in young, proactive and dynamic work collective, and you won't need to buy a ticket. It can always be solved in order for you not to miss your favorite part of program.

Why should I even go there?

Because you won't forget Zelífest.


Do you have any other questions? Please drop us a message on facebook.